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Resources for Marginalized Dalton State College Students: Activate

About this guide

Earth held in hand of black adult and white child

About               Thanks, Bart

This guide seeks to be nonpartisan and focuses on student safety, wellbeing, and social justice.

Thanks to Heidi Johnson at the UNLV Libraries and her permission to borrow her work.


Become an Activist

Protesters & children with signs "Respect Girls" "Defend Equality"

Activism can be focused on society, politics, or the environment, and oftentimes those areas overlap. To be an effective social activist, an individual would have an awareness of injustices in society that result from the oppression on the basis of various intersecting identities. For example, an effective activist would understand how racism, nativism (the privileging of people who are born in a particular place, resulting in the marginalization of people who are not born in that place), sexism, hetero-sexism, classism, and able-ism are multiple forms of oppression, all of which contribute to injustices in our society. Effective social activists take deliberate actions to challenge or dismantle these systems of power and oppression that affect people differently on the basis of their different identities.

Library Books on Activism