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Center for Engaging and Supportive Academic Experiences : Home

Mission Statement

Dalton State College is committed to providing engaging and supportive experiences in the classroom, on campus and in our community for our faculty, students and our community partners. The faculty members at Dalton State are committed to providing active and experiential learning opportunities for their students both inside and outside of the classroom. We are also committed to proactive and continuous advising tailored to meet the needs of individual students. Faculty will develop sustained and meaningful relationships with our students centered around the creation of a community of lifelong learners who share skills and acquire knowledge to address critical challenges facing our communities. We acknowledge that our success is dependent on our ability to value, include and highlight the rich diversity of our campus community. Dalton State commits to creating an environment which supports and rewards faculty who engage in these critical activities. We will accomplish this through an unwavering commitment to experiential learning opportunities for all students.

Dalton State College is dedicated to ensuring that all undergraduates who wish to enrich their education with research obtain such experience. We view research as a significant learning experience which helps develop an understanding of concepts through their application to real world problems. We are committed to the integration of undergraduate research activities and support systems into the educational experience of all undergraduates. Through opportunities to share their work publicly, students will see themselves not only as members, but participants in our community of learners. Through intentional and immersive internships, we will offer students the opportunity to engage in self-directed learning, professional development and targeted career development. In addition, Dalton State College will be recognized as one of the premier transitional programs by fostering student success through the creation, implementation, and assessment of superior academic and co-curricular programs. 

Our Services

  • Instructional design support for faculty and staff projects 
  • Media support and guidance for faculty and staff wishing to integrate video and audio into their projects
  • Customized workshops and consultations for program and curricular development, assessment, and academic innovation project design
  • Workshops and consultations for faculty on preparing for promotion, tenure, post-tenure, and developing/fulfilling your research agenda
  • Workshops on retention, advising, assessment, curriculum mapping, public scholarship, and seeking grants

Academic Excellence