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If you are not sure when to quote, how much you should quote or correct punctuation for quotations, these web sites will provide helpful tips:

Quoting Sources (University of Wisconsin Writing Center)

Quotations (University of North Carolina Chapel Hill)

Tired of introducting direct quotes with the same old phrase?  Try these:

According to Smith (2005)...
Studies reveal that...
Despite popular beliefs, even Roberts (1999) admits that...
Morris (2000) claims that...

Even more helpful phrases can be found at the University of Houston Clear Lake's Writing Lab page.


Plagiarism Tutorial

Plagiarism Games & Tutorials

Writing Lab

If you have a question regarding writing style, visit the Writing Lab located in the Liberal Arts Building, Room 315.  Faculty members are available for assistance during open lab hours.  Check the Writing Lab's web page for more information.

Citation Style Guides

What and How to Cite - Handout from Duke University explains how to correctly cite information that you have paraphrased or cited within a paper, speech, or presentation.