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Different Styles for Citations

MLA-style documentation is used primarily for research papers in liberal arts and other humanities courses. Guidelines are published in the 7th edition of the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers. 

APA Style consists of guidelines published within the 6th edition of The Publication Manual of the American Psychological AssociationAt Dalton State, instructors in the Department of Social Sciences, School of Nursing, School of Social Work, and School of Business Administration may require students to use the APA style for various types of assignments. 

 Turabian style is most often used for courses in the literature, arts, and history. It is based on two systems of documentation:

      Notes-Bibliography style (Bibliography style)

      Parenthetical citations-Reference list style (Reference List style)

Chicago Style citations fall into two categories: 

The Humanities system includes notes followed by a bibliography.   The Humanities system is used for subjects such as literature, arts and history.

The Author-Date system includes an in-text citation followed by a References page(s). The author-date system is used for subjects such as physical, natural and social sciences.         

The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers: Scientific Style and Format(7th ed.) describes three systems of documentation: the citation-sequence system, the name-year system, and the citation-name system.  

  • Name-year (The author of the source is provided in the text and the date is given in parentheses)
  • Citation-sequence (Each cited source is given a number the first time it appears in the text. If the source is referred to again, the text is marked with the same number. When the paper is finished, a list of referenes providing full publication information for each numbered source is provided. Reference list entries are numbered in the order in which they are mentioned in the paper)
  • Citation-name (The reference list is put in alphabetical order and then the entries are numbered in that order. Those reference numbers are used in the text to cite the sources from the list at the end of the paper)