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Journals and Magazines in Roberts Library: Introduction

A list of all periodical holdings in print and microform in Roberts Library

Library Hours

7:30 am-6 pm


1 pm-7 pm

Contact Information

Derrell C. Roberts Library
Dalton State College
650 College Drive
Dalton, GA 30720
Phone - 706.272.4583
Text - 706.225.8927
Fax -706.272.4511


Periodicals include serial publications such as journals and magazines.  The periodical holdings of Roberts Library include current subscriptions, back files of print issues, bound periodicals, microfilm, and microfiche.  Periodicals include journals, magazines, newspapers, and newsletters.  All the print holdings are in the east wing on the first floor.  The microform holdings are in the west wing on the first floor.  Both print and microform holdings are shelved and filed in alphabetical order by title of the publication.


Scholarly vs. Popular Publications

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

                Scholarly                                                               Popular

 *Articles usually have more                    *Either one author or none listed

than one author                

 *Articles are several pages long             *Articles are usually 2-3 pages long

 *Articles always have footnotes             *Articles never have footnotes

 *Published by professional                      *Commercial publisher

 association or society