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Library Policies and Procedures: Course Reserves for Faculty

Course Reserves for Faculty

About Course Reserves –   For Faculty


Items that can be placed on Reserve


I.              Purchased or licensed materials that are part of the library’s collection or materials owned by the faculty member.

II.            Materials in the public domain

III.           United States government documents‚

IV.          Lecture notes, class syllabi, homework assignments/solutions, sample tests (anything in which you are the sole owner of copyright)

V.            One chapter from a bookƒ

VI.          One article from a periodical issue

VII.         A hardcopy of an Internet resource

VIII.        A short essay, short story, short poem, chart, graph, diagram, drawingƒ

IX.          Student projects or papers


  Personally owned materials will be accepted for Reserves with the understanding that items are placed at owner’s risk and that items will be minimally processed with barcode, etc.  Reference books, entire periodicals, and items from special collections will not be placed on in-house reserve because these items are always available in their specific collections.  Information from these sources may be placed in E-GIL Reserves in accordance with this policy.


‚  Not all materials that look like U.S. government documents are published by the government.  Look for a copyright statement to determine if the material is protected or public domain.


ƒ  Fair Use Guidelines should be consulted when copying portions of a material to see if portions copied compared to the whole of the work would be considered Fair Use.  For more information about Copyright, visit Cornell’s Legal Information Institute


Items placed on Reserve that require Copyright Permission


One chapter of a book for more than one semester

One article from a periodical issue for more than one semester

A hardcopy of an Internet Resource for more than one semester

A short essay, short story, short poem, chart, graph, diagram, drawing, picture taken from a copyright protected material for more than one semester

Student projects or papers for one or more semesters

Multiple articles from one periodical issue for one or more semesters

Multiple chapters from a book for one or more semesters


Items that cannot be placed on Reserve


Interlibrary loan items or materials borrowed from other libraries

Copyright protected materials intended for the creation of anthologies as basic text material for a course

Full-text articles from electronic resources„


„  Articles from electronic resources that are licensed to Dalton State College may be made available to students by access number or by capturing the article’s permanent link.  Librarians will assist faculty in identifying this information that can be used in the creation of online reading lists.  If desired, a copy of licensed material can be placed on Course Reserve.


For additional information on Copyright and Fair Use, see For Faculty – Seeking Permission.


About Course Reserves – For Faculty


Procedures for Placing Items on Reserve


1.                  Read the About Course Reserves – For Faculty – Items that can be placed on Reserve if you have any questions.

2.                  Bring library owned or personally owned materials as well as Reserves Requests forms to the Roberts Library Circulation Desk.  Forms are available at the Circulation Desk and online at  Faculty may also talk with the Circulation Coordinator x4529 about their Course Reserve requests.

3.                  Items that are duplicated and are copyright protected will need complete citation information and a copy of the original copyright information page.  (This step is often overlooked but is required to be in compliance with Fair Use Guidelines). See form for more details.

4.                  If the item is part of the library collection, it may remain on Reserve as long as the item is being used.  Be sure to indicate if the item is intended to stay on Reserve beyond its initial semester placement.  Copies of items that are copyright protected will be removed from Reserves without permission beyond the initial semester.  Faculty are responsible for obtaining and providing documentation of copyright permissions.

5.                  Certain library materials will not be placed on Reserve because they are in-house circulation only and are always available.  Items in this category are Reference works, Special Collections, and whole issues of periodicals.

6.                  For E-GIL Reserves, handwritten notes may need to be typed if they do not scan or read clearly.

7.                  Please allow 3 working days for Reserve items to be processed and before you tell students that they are available.  A library staff member will contact you if materials are available earlier so that you can alert your students.


About Course Reserves – For Faculty – Seeking Permission




Use the information below to assist you in getting permission and for general information on Copyright.   Items that require copyright permission cannot be placed on Reserve until documentation of permission is provided.



Sample Permission Letter – The publisher / copyright owner will need you to provide complete citation information.  You can  customize this letter to your needs.  See Sample Permission Letter.


Finding address information for copyright holders – Most publisher address information can be found using GALILEO’s Books In Print.  This database has a segment devoted to publisher information.  Address permission requests to the equivalent of a publisher’s “copyright permissions” department.  Periodical publisher information can be found via the web and in the publications section of most periodical databases.  Librarians can assist you locate publisher information.


Copyright Clearance Center – The Copyright Clearance Center has authority to grant permission for duplication and use of many publications.  The CCC will collect fees on behalf of the copyright owner.  Visit their site for more information.


Additional Copyright Information Sites


University System of Georgia Regent’s Guide to Understanding Copyright

Stanford University Libraries Copyright & Fair Use

University of Texas System – Crash Course in Copyright







{SAMPLE PERMISSION LETTER}                                     Date:_____________________

Permissions Department

Publisher Name

Publisher Address


To Whom It May Concern:


I would like to obtain permission to make copies and place on Library Reserve the following items to be used at Dalton State College, Dalton, GA.  Access will be limited to currently enrolled students.


Book / Journal Title / Internet Resource                                   Book edition / Journal Issue / URL


Author’s Full Name                                                     Book Chapter / Article Title


Copyright / Publication Date                                        ISBN (Books) / ISSN (Journals


Pages _______________                                            Volume ________________


Course Information


Name and Course #


Expected Class Size _________________      Requested Semester ________________


Used in future semesters          Yes____          No_____



Number of copies to be placed on Reserve______________________


Name and Contact Information – Course Instructor_____________________________________


I would appreciate any redirection to the holder of copyright for this material if you are not that person.  Copies will include notice of copyright.  I have included a self-addressed envelop for your convenience.  Thank you for you timely consideration of this request.





The above request is approved, subject to the conditions noted here.


Permission Granted

Permission Granted with Restrictions


Course Reserve Request Form


Please fill out a form for each item that you want on Reserve and allow three working days for items to be processed before sending students over to access materials.  All requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.


Date of Request________________________


Instructor Name________________________


Contact # _____________________________


E-mail Address_________________________


Course Name and Course #________________


Beginning Date_________________________

                        Date item to be made available


Ending Date____________________________

                        Date item no longer needed on Reserve


Circulation Period (In-House Reserves)


Library Use Only

One Day

Three Days

Seven Days


Full Citation Information for Item


(See Below)


Call Number


(Please indicate here if this is a personal item.  Please read About Course Reserves – For Faculty regarding personal materials).


Complete Citation Information Needed


Books – author, title, year of publication, edition if applicable

Internet Source – title, author/organization, date, URL

Media Item – producer, title, year of production

Book Chapters – author, title, chapter author (if noted), title of chapter (if noted), page numbers, year and edition of publication.  If providing copy of chapter, please include a copy of the Copyright information page of source.

Periodical Article – periodical title, article author, issue number and date, article title, page number.  If providing copy of article, please include a copy of the Copyright information page of source.