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Alternatives to PowerPoint

Video Editing Shotcut 

YouTube Video Editor


Alternatives to Windows Movie Maker

New- Windows Movie Maker app for Windows 10



Most like PowerPoint with optional advanced features


Zohoshow         example      


Include  basic features and are very easy to use


Sliderocket      example         How to use Sliderocket


Empressr      example         example     How to use Voicethread



Prezi – Includes a unique zoom effect and is most popular alternative to PowerPoint  example

Animoto-Amazing special effects! Popular as a marketing tool  example

Animoto created for Dalton State's QEP

Vcasmo- Video on left slides on right and presentation slides on the right  example

Creating a presentation with Vcasmo.

Lecture using Vcasmo


Presentation Programs that Cost or Requrie Download



Free Online Live Polling Program

Kahoot is number one for live interactive polling! Conduct live polls during class!  example

Other Similar Programs

Camtasia- Screenshots for educational purposes

Screencastomatic- Screenshots for teaching Example

Wix- Flash Web page and presentaion creation

Blogger- Students use blog for entries

PBWorks- Web page creation  (currently in beta) 

GoogleDocs Presentation (Only functional in certain browsers)


Photostory (download required)

Photostory          example

Subject Guide

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