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Information and Resources about Counseling and Career Services at Dalton State college for Parents

What Students may experience

College will likely be a period of intellectual stimulation and growth, career exploration and development, increased autonomy, self-exploration and discovery, and social involvement. During this period, students may forge new identities or seek to clarify their values and beliefs. This may require an examination of self, friends, and family. It may also be a time for exploration and experimentation and a period in which he or she may question or challenge the values of their friends and family. It is important to recognize that each student will have his or her own unique college experience, and the challenges and adjustments mentioned here may, or may not, be part of that experience.


All currently enrolled students at Dalton State are eligible for free and confidential assistance through Counseling and Career Services. Our counselors work with students on managing personal, career, and educational concerns that may interfere with their academic progress. Counseling and Career Services staff consider the individual needs of each student, and we offer a variety of services to promote personal growth

What Parents may experience

As parents, you may experience feelings of happiness, excitement, and pride for your child’s achievements. You may also feel a sense of sadness and pain and may worry about your child's safety and ability to care effectively for him or herself. You may fear losing your child as he or she begins to function more independently and form deep attachments with peers. You may be concerned about how your child will deal with alcohol, drugs, and sexual relationships. You may also wonder how your child's performance in college will reflect on you as a parent.

Remember that these feelings are normal. It is normal, too, to look forward to having your child out of the house and to experience a sense of freedom. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions you have. A healthy approach is to talk about how you’re feeling with family, friends, or other sources of support.

Subject Guide

Travis McKie-Voerste
Academic Resources

Pope Student Center, Lower Level

Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM

After hour crisis call Public Safety (706) 272-4461


If we are notified that a student is potentially at risk to self or others, a staff counselor will complete an emergency assessment. While we try to honor the student's wishes whenever possible, we will contact parents, guardians, or other family members regardless of the student's preference if we believe that doing so is necessary to prevent harm. If you believe that your student could benefit from counseling, encourage him or her to contact Counseling and Career Services in Academic Resources for assistance.